One of the erp software factor that has not been taken into consideration deeply that is usability testing. Although the usability and applications of the software are not caused for the whole system’s failure because they are very small literal errors but they can affect the individual’s or a workgroup productivity.

The usability problems makes harder to accept the whole erp process in the organization. The long term goal of the organization should be to develop a set of unique principles which can increase the utility of the erp software in the organization. It is necessary to understand the user framework and requirements to make ERP system interface and communication process more easier and user interactive.

It is found that to find a specific functionality - fault in a peculiar ERP software requires a very huge amount of time and energy by the  quality inspectors. This problem can take a huge formation when multiple transactions are occurred on a routine basis. In this case, many navigation and transactional errors may be happened.

In the context of the large enterprises and organizations, where multiple thousands of transactions are happened in a day to day operations, the users are not found able to memorize the correct sequence of the business process. It shows that the whole ERP system was not developed as per according to the proper user navigation and the user was left burdened with the set of numerous operations to complete the transaction.

One of the usability problems are occured, when in an ERP software a user has to perform a repetitive set of tasks like - to enter the data in multiple of forms. This repetitive set of task makes the whole system more complicated and data anomalies are started to occured. It is found that the erp software are not capable to perform the repetitive activities at their own like the normal PC and browsers.

This lacked behaviour in an ERP software shows that a capability should be there in an system to perform the repetitive tasks either by copying and pasting the data without the user support. Another set of problems are occured when the set of pre and post erp vocabularies are totally different to each other.

Every organization has its own set of vocabulary, so it can increase the problem of terminology. This is a universal problem and it also can’t be removed overnight. Each and every organization will have to make efforts to remove this problem.   

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